Ghusal For Non-Muslims Embracing Islam

People have always been very curious to know about the process of becoming a Muslim by converting from another religion. This curiosity is due to the high prevailing rate of Islam that has been increasing with each passing day. The method of becoming a Muslim is pretty simple and easy in reality. Non-Muslims who are interested in reading the teachings of Islam should always read a good book that has an easy explanation of the translation of Quranic Ayat and Hadith. Often people try to search a Muslims scholar to discuss their issues with them which can cause problem sometimes because even the holiest religion Islam has many different sects inside it and different Muslims follow this various sect due to which each Muslim try to come up with a different solution to a problem and this can cause a lot of confusion among the non-Muslims. 
There are certain questions that arise in the mind of Non-Muslims. One of the questions is that is it compulsory to have Ghusal (Shower) for the Non-Muslims who have converted to Islam? Different scholars hold different opinions but majority of them states that one should follow the simple method of embracing Islam which includes reciting KalmaTayyaba whose translation is that I as a Muslim believes that there is nothing else but Allah to whom we should worship, and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last messenger of Allah Almighty.
As soon as the person recites the above-mentioned words, he has changed his previous religion and has converted from that religion to Islam. Now following all the golden principles of Islam are obligatory for him whether it includes praying five times a day or performing other obligations like Hajj and Umrah by availing packages like 2017 Ramadan Umrah Low Cost Deals with Tickets in UK and others, or fasting in the month of Ramzan to giving Zakat, all these commands of Allah should not be ignored at any cost.
Talking about taking Ghusal (Shower), then as a Muslim one must keep in mind that keeping yourself clean in compulsory in Islam whether you have new become a Muslim or were born in a Muslim family. Always try to take shower on daily basis and wear neat and clean clothes. Because you can’t even offer prayers in dirty clothes hence there is no point of asking such questions that are it compulsory to take shower after embracing Islam? Well, you have to take shower at any cost as Allah and his Prophet (peace be upon him) gets pleased with people who keep themselves clean and tidy.

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